The global pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation by months if not years: consumer shifts to digital channels must be met by an increased investment in delivering personalized digital experiences.

CDPs not only enable companies to leverage unified, actionable first-party customer data to build personalized experiences no competitor can replicate, they also create operational efficiencies for marketing and the business at large.

In this webinar replay CMSWire contributor, Brian Carlson, and BlueConic’s Director of Product Marketing, Sam Ngo, examine the benefits of deploying a pure-play CDP in order to manage and activate consented customer data globally, safely, and at scale:

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Improving Marketing's Operational Efficiency With a CDP: Using Modern Tech to Streamline and Scale Marketing

  • Streamline core marketing activities, including segmentation, analysis, modeling, and cross-channel activation
  • Transform how companies understand and interact with customers while respecting individual privacy
  • Reduce operational costs and inefficiencies in order to scale for today’s goals and tomorrow’s ambitions


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