5 Must-Have CDP Use Cases that Drive Revenue and Performance

April 6, 2023
From 11am-12pm EDT / 5pm–6pm CEST


The post-pandemic world is here: consumers are no longer buying purely online, their spending is more cautious in light of economic uncertainty and companies are responding to a shift from products to services.

These are just a few of the drivers that are accelerating the need for business transformation.

In this webinar, we’ll share real-world examples of how companies across industries –from retail & CPG, to media & publishing, to financial services and telecommunications – use a CDP to transform their businesses and generate growth, including:

  • Building a first-party data asset through DTC initiatives

  • Cross-channel customer lifecycle marketing

  • Creating new digital products & experiences for specific audiences

  • Audience monetization to drive revenue growth

Join us and be inspired to drive digital transformation for your company!




Will Barker
Khurram Moiz
Principal Customer Success Manager   Lead Principal Customer Success Manager

Will Barker is a Principal Customer Success Manager in the Media & Publishing vertical at BlueConic. He has over 15 years’ experience working with customers to implement marketing technology. Most recently, Will was a Sr. Account Manager at Epsilon, where he helped enterprise customers drive growth and customer engagement with their email marketing programs. Will loves teaching others how they can use marketing technology to improve their customer experience. When he’s not talking CDPs, Will enjoys spending time with his family and hiking in the northeast.
Khurram has spent the past 12+ years driving strategic, customer-centric, media optimization and analytics capabilities for Fortune 100 companies across Retail, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage, and Financial Services. At BlueConic, he is tasked with guiding and enabling customers as they navigate through their own digital transformation journeys. Having worked client-side and as a prior strategy consultant, Khurram has first-hand experience with MarTech and audience intelligence capabilities that serve cross-functional teams. Off the clock, Khurram is often found outdoors with his scouting family around metro Atlanta and usually in the middle of an intense deep dive on Marvel superheroes with his kids.


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