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Customer data platforms have become an essential technology in enabling a company’s transformation. But the #1 question we hear from marketing, customer experience, commerce, audience development, analytics, and BI professionals alike is: What use cases can I implement with a customer data platform?

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn not just detailed, real-world examples of how brands benefit from a CDP, but also specific questions you should ask to kickoff your CDP selection.

Watch "You Asked, We Answered: 10 Customer Data Platform Use Cases for 2021," to learn how companies across multiple industries and business models from retail and ecommerce to financial services and publishing use a CDP. You'll see 10 distinct ways BlueConic's pure-play CDP is actively supporting key programs tied to business growth initiatives such as:


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10 Customer Data Platform Use Cases

    • Building a first-party data asset through direct to consumer (DTC) initiatives
    • Implementing and optimizing cross-channel customer lifecycle marketing
    • Creating new digital products & experiences for specific audiences
    • Packaging audience insights to monetize data while providing customer value
    • Eliminating barriers to data access for analytics and data science teams


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